1. A professor is interested in finding out more about the students at Mesa and their plans for transfer. She takes a random sample by standing outside the LRC on Mondays and Wednesdays from 10-11am and asking every 5th student who passes what their GPA is and how many semesters they have been at Mesa. Which graph should she use to investigate a relationship between these variables?

Group of answer choices


Stacked bar chart

Comparative boxplot

Pie chart


2. Almost every AP Stats class uses food as a motivator! One favorite AP Stats activity is the starburst grab – where students measure their hands (in cm) and then see how many starburst candies they can pick up. One such class found the following regression equation in the upper right corner of the graph below (y = 2.0187x – 10.42):


Interpret the slope of this regression equation.

3. The following scatterplot shows the relationship between scores on Exam 1 and Exam 3 for male students in my Math 119 class last semester.


Describe the relationship using the FOUR aspects discussed in class.

4. Age


What would be the value for the upper fence for Group A?

5. In the following boxplot, it is found that the largest value group A  should have been 70, rather than 80.


What impact would that have on the following measures?

The mean would                       .

The median would                         .

The standard deviation would                     .

The IQR would                         .

6. Suppose Professor Spoon observes that students who complete the mid-week assignments by the optional due date of Thursday do better on the first exam than those that wait until Sunday to complete all the week’s assignments. What are some other possible confounding/lurking variables that may explain this observation? Explain your thinking.

7. When investigating the relationship between the amount of time someone spends getting ready in the morning and how much they spent on their last haircut, a student found a correlation of 0.347. What is the percent of variation in the spending on a haircut explained by the least squares regression line between the two variables?

Group of answer choices





8. For the histogram below, please describe the three aspects of shape including modality, symmetry, and unusual features in the context of the variable.


9. If you used our class data to predict height using shoe size (after removing the erroneous 123 shoe size), you would obtain the following regression equation: 

Height = 52.45 + 1.58 ShoeSize

One of your classmates had a shoe size of 8.5 and residual of -1.2 inches. Find their actual height and give your supporting work below.

10. A professor is interested in finding out more about the students at Mesa and their plans for transfer. She takes a random sample by standing outside the LRC on Mondays and Wednesdays from 10-11am and asking every 5th student who passes if they are planning to transfer and how many semester they have been taking classes at Mesa. She does this for the first 4 weeks of the semester and gets data from 378 students and finds that 92.6% of them are planning to transfer. Do you believe her sample is representative of the Mesa student body?  What are some issues associated with her sampling method? 

11. The website Spurious Correlations has a collection of silly correlations. For example, the site shows that the correlation between the divorce rate in Maine and per capita consumption of margarine is 0.9926. Interpret the given correlation coefficient.

12. For the following situations, determine if the example is an experiment or observational study.

Professor Spoon wants to know if the Thursday due dates are impacting students’ learning the material. She creates two groups in the class and gives one of the groups the Thursday optional due dates and the other group has all their assignments due on Sunday.

Professor Spoon wants to know if the revision option on discussion boards improves students’ exam scores, so she compares the scores of those students who took completed revisions to those that did not.

Professor Spoon wants to know if completing an old paper and pencil exam is good preparation for the online exam, so she adds a question at the end of her test to ask students if they completed at least one of the old exams.

13. The weights of guinea pigs have a symmetric bell shape. Which measure of spread should be used to describe the weight of guinea pigs?

Group of answer choices

Interquartile range



Standard deviation



14. The following display shows the number of correct answers on a memory test.


Which of the following dotplots could correspond to this boxplot?

Group of answer choices



Which of the graphs above has the largest standard deviation?

Group of answer choices

Example 1: Test 1 Scores

Example 2: Test 2 Scores

This information is not possible to discern from a histogram.

Example 3: Test 3 Scores

16. For the following questions, determine if the statement is TRUE or FALSE. Each worth 2 points.

Group of answer choices

The standard deviation for the weights of 1000 hamsters would likely be larger than the standard deviation for the weights of 100 men.

A correlation of 0 means there is no relationship between X and Y.

In a residual plot, we hope to see a strong linear trend.

We can reduce response bias by increasing our sample size.

We can use causal language when talking about the results from a well-designed experiment.

17. Please upload a file (pdf, jpg, or png – pdf preferred if you have a phone app to make a PDF like CamScanner) of your work for this exam. Some questions will not receive credit without work and partial credit for wrong answers will depend on this work!  

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