Standardized Cost Card.

Because you help write the first part, so you should be well know about the first part menu. This time it should be follow first part step. it is kind of easy work. If you know These two things, I will send you some materials like answers to you. But all things should follow part 1 menu.

Below is the requirement.

  • Standardized H.A.C.C.P. Recipes
  • Standardized Cost Card

Develop standardized recipes for (2) Appetizers (2) Desserts and (3) Entrees (7) Total recipes. The recipes cannot be ready to use items; they should include at least (5) ingredients. The recipes should be presented in the format described in class with all appropriate information included. The recipes must be accurately expressed. The recipes will yield 25 portions +/- each. You must turn in the original recipe you used to develop this section.

Need to present seven (7) completed HACCP Recipe cards for the project.

Present a cost card for each of the (7) recipes developed in section 2. Use the format given to you in class. Unit prices can be obtained from anywhere. Be sure to include all purchasing units. Calculate cost per portion on this form and carry to TCPD spice factor of 3% for All recipes.

Need to present seven (7) completed cost cards for the project.

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