Solving assignments from part 1 to part 4 about PDF file

Firstly, my research topic is “What steps is South Korea taking to prevent suicide as a result of cyberbullying?”

And you need to write about below two assignments in form of microsoft word file.

Each assignment below has two sections:

Assignment 1: Topic for Final Paper

1. Write out your Topic & Research Question (s) (three or four sentences will suffice.)

2. Follow this with a single paragraph that explains the rationale behind your choice of topic. (~250-300 words) – why have you chosen this topic (what is your interest)? – what do you hope to learn about this topic? – how can you and others possibly benefit from learning more about this topic? (provide a word count for #2)

Assignment 2: Annotated Bibliography

1. Find twelve reliable sources on your topic and list them alphabetically using APA style.

➢ The sources must be academic and reliable, and current (approximately the last decade).

➢ Provide full bibliographic reference in APA style (See HB, Purdue OWL, or APA website)

➢ Include in square brackets the type of source (e.g., book, book chapter in an edited book, online journal article, encyclopedia entry).

For example, Okada, H. (2011). Negotiating the invisible: Two women making sense of chronic illnesses through narrative. In P. McPherron & V. Ramanathan (Eds.), Language, Body, and Health (pp. 143-167). Berlin, Germany: Mouton de Gruyter. [chapter in an edited book] 2. Write an annotated bibliography Write a 100-word annotation for five of the most important sources. (80-120 words acceptable; provide a word count for each)

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