Skateboard Designer


The Skate Shop sells the following skateboard products.
The Master Thrasher $60
The Dictator of Grind $45
The Street King $50

Truck assemblies:
7.75 axle $35
8 axle $40
8.5 axle $45

Wheel sets:
51 mm $20
55 mm $22
58 mm $24
61 mm $28

Additionally, the Skate Shop sells the following miscellaneous products and services:
Grip tape $10
Bearings $30
Riser pads $2
Nuts & bolts kit $3
Assembly $10

Create an application that allows the user to select one deck from a form, one truck assembly from a form, and one wheel set from a form. The application should also have a form that allows the user to select any miscellaneous product, using check boxes. The application should display the subtotal, the amount of sales tax (at 6%), and the total of the order. Do not apply sales tax to assembly.


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