Situation Overview (customers)

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you will conduct secondary research and find “fact-based” insights to illustrate the current situation on the company, collaborators, competitors, customers, and context for the client organization (5C Framework). You will each be assigned to one of the 5 Cs. For this assignment, you will create an “infographic” and will be graded on content (4 points), design (3 points), and variety of resources (3 points). my part is customers, also I upload the example.

  1. Your infographic has to include your resources linked to each fact.
  2. You should NOT include your name on the infographic.

All the infographics will be prepared using an assigned template on the Venngage platform. The templates are available to you under My Designs >> My Class or Shared with me (see the picture below). You should make a copy of the template of your own choosing and work on the copy. You will later download it as a PDF and submit the PDF on Blackboard.ATTACHMENTS



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