Select a retail store or service that has been operating in your community for more than a year and has a minimum of five employees and provide a project on its promotional campagn.

Project Overview

A major portion of the course is to prepare a promotional campaign for a company in your local community. The purpose of the project is to enable you to experience what would be involved in building an IMC campaign. The campaign should focus on a three month period and make recommendations on appropriate IMC tools, media scheduling, a budget, and a means of evaluation.


Choosing a Business

Select a retail store or service that has been operating in your community for more than a year and has a minimum of five employees.  You should select a company that sells its product or service to consumers (rather than to other businesses) and currently engages in advertising or promotion in the community.



Part 1- Campaign Overview – Due at the end of week 6 (10%)

Collect and provide examples of current promotional materials

Identify a target market for your three month campaign

Propose a realistic annual budget of between $4,000 and $10,000

Define your marketing objectives over the long-term


Part 1 should be submitted as a professional business report written as if you were going to give it to the owners/managers of the business you have selected. The contents of the report should provide an overview of the business (provide enough information to demonstrate you understand the nature of the business including the competition), summarize the business’s current marketing activities, the objectives of the promotional campaign, the timing of the campaign, the proposed budget for the campaign, and identify the target market. The report should also contain details of the target market size, characteristics and interests. The length of the report is dependent on the format you select, but it would likely be between 5 and 10 pages and may contain bulleted information, tables, graphs, charts and appendices. All sources of information should be cited and referenced appropriately. This means including the author’s last name and year of publication in the text of the report immediately following all ideas, information and facts that are not your own. The full publication details should then be listed at the end of the report in a List of References.



Time Log (2%)

Keep a time log of your daily activities while preparing Part 2 – The Campaign Plan. This time log should be kept to reflect the time that would be required if you were hired as a consultant to prepare the campaign. The following table provides an example of the first three lines of a time log that you can follow. You should submit your time log with the final written copy of your plan.







Activity description – what, who, why, where and how


Start Time


Stop Time

Total time in hrs.

Note: Complete the time log each day you work on your project



Part 2 – The Campaign Plan – Due the end of week 13 (20%)

The campaign plan should start by outlining some background information for your client. This information will largely be drawn from your campaign overview submitted in part 1. You should provide enough information to demonstrate you have an understanding of your client’s business, competition, target market and marketing objectives. You should also outline the purpose of your plan including the specific communication objectives and the budget you have used to prepare the campaign. This section will be very similar to the campaign overview you prepared in part 1 of the project, but be reworked to fit the format of the completed campaign plan report.


The campaign should then evaluate a minimum of three relevant promotional tools drawn from the following areas:

  • Broadcast media
  • Print media
  • Sales promotions
  • Support media
  • Public relations, corporate advertising and publicity

Direct marketing

Internet marketing

The campaign must include your recommendations on media selection, an implementation strategy, media schedule, detailed budget, and evaluation plan.


The final deliverable should be a professional business report that you could submit to the owners/managers of the business you selected for this project.



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