Scan & Design Process Optimization Using Kaizen Events

Scan & Design Process Optimization Using Kaizen Events
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1. It is an investigative report, not a summary report. That means for a good grade, you must demonstrate that you did some investigative/innovative work. 2. Please use the project description and the project presentation to complete the report. Description: At this medical device company, we are empowering to treat more patients better. Our products and services are designed to give patients fully functional and natural-looking restorations that aspire to last a lifetime. Scan and Design Department offers dental laboratories the freedom to choose their level of involvement for customized overdenture bar design. From an in-lab CADCAM solution that delivers complete scan and design control with an expanded portfolio to our services where we generate the customized overdenture bar based on their model or wax-up order specifications. Dental laboratories can choose the best way to original customized bars to meet their business needs. Our commitment is to provide customers with excellent, reliable quality and fast service, from start to finish. Current workflow enables batching which leads to delayes processing of cases throughout the value stream. Additionally there are many exceptions that require communication with customer support / customer, engineering, and other functions that result in delays. With increased marketing of Scan and Design Services, volume is expected to increase over the coming months and ability to handle this volume without adding resources is essential. In order to improve the process to reduce the time around from two days to one day, I propose to use a Kaizen event. Kaizen are a series of organized activities which aim at improving existing processes. Such events bring together operators and managers of a process to map, discuss and improve the process of interest. The events also promote an increase in buy-ins, for example, purchasing of shares by all parties who have a particular interest in the process. The events are team-based for the purpose of continuous improvement. They utilize tools to quickly eliminate waste and standardize the resulting process at the location, in my case a scan and design department.

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