"Saul Bass" vs "Kyle Cooper" (Compare/contrast artworks)

Paper instructions:

History of Graphic Design Essay

You are to write a 1,500 word essay that discusses the work of two designers: “Saul Bass” vs “Kyle Cooper”

The essay is to include six full color images of their artworks. These will be used to create three project comparisons – were you show a design from each designer side-by-side and discuss.

This section should no more than 50% of the entire essay.

This is a chance to express your opinion on the work of the two designers. I’d like to read what you think of their approach? How they differ? What they have in common? etc.

Your essay will be graded on: communication and organization, content and development, grammatical conventions and mechanics, and visual components

Here is the grading rubric

Communication and Organization

25 – 22 EXCELLENT: Clearly and coherently expressed. A well developed line of reasoning throughout. Paragraphs were effectively arranged.

21 – 18 Good: Generally coherent. A clear main idea expressed. Occasional problems occurred with logic and sequence of paper.

17 – 11 Fair: Problems with clarity and coherence. Main idea was obscured by lack of reasoning or paragraphing. Conclusion may be lacking or redundant.

10 – 0 Poor: Seriously incoherent and lacking fluency. Seriously lacking logic and cohesion.

Content and Development

25 – 22 EXCELLENT: Well researched and informative. Content is relevant to assignment. Main idea is convincingly supported with specific examples and appropriate reasoning.

21 – 18 Good: Content is relevant to assignment. Generally convincing support of main idea with some points left too general or vague.

17 – 11 Fair: Assigned topic is addressed but lacks specific, appropriate examples/evidence/reasoning to support the main idea.

10 – 0 Poor: Main idea/purpose is unclear. Marginal use of specific, appropriate examples/evidence/reasoning.

Grammatical Conventions and Mechanics

25 – 22 EXCELLENT: Careless errors in grammar and mechanics are few to none.

21 – 18 Good: Grammar conventions and/or mechanics are generally controlled, with occasional errors.

17 – 11 Fair: Frequent problems with grammatical conventions and/or mechanics. These may include: sentence fragments/run-on sentences/spelling, capitalization, or punctuation errors.

10 – 0 Poor: Serious problems with grammar and mechanics. Sentence fragments/run-on sentences/spelling, capitalization, or punctuation errors ignored. Sentence form ignored (ex: position of noun/verb/etc).

Visual Components

25 – 22 EXCELLENT: Image comparisons are appropriate to paper topic. Images are also in full color and at a resolution/scale that allows the reader to understand the design, as required by the assignment.

21 – 18 Good: Image comparisons are somewhat appropriate. Images are in full color and at a resolution/scale that the reader can see.

17 – 11 Fair: Image comparisons are questionable. Images are difficult for reader to see, either because of a lack of resolution/scale or color.

10 – 0 Poor: Image comparisons are either not shown, or fail to address the paper topic.

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