Safety And Accident Prevention

What do you believe is the most versatile hazard assessment tool for use in the safety profession? Why?

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I believe that the Fault Tree Analysis is the most versatile tool within my current employer and as a safety professional. We utilize the root cause analysis more within my current role but they share the same core principles. They start with the injury and or accident and break it down to where we find the single most item that if we changed or implemented an action would result in no injury or no accident. The fact that you are able to break it down to the core of the reason why something happened allows you to address this issue in the future by either changing policies or by modifying equipment. I do personally like the root causes approach better than the fault tree but they both produce roughly the same results, however, my company tends to focus on the “who” and I think it should be seen as that “what” went wrong or “what” can we fix 

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