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Discussion Board 5: Research Project: Peer Review of 2000-word Draft (Draft is DUE TUES)

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Instead of submitting your draft to your instructor, you’ll be sharing it in a discussion forum with your peers. You’ll be getting comments from other students.

This discussion assignment has 2 graded components, and 2 due dates.

  • The 2000 word draft will be due Tues (Aug 4th by 11:59)
  • Complete the peer edit questionnaire, posted at the end of these instruction, for 2 other students; this will be due by Sunday (Aug 9th by 11:59). The questionnaire below must be used, each question fully answered, for full credit.


  • Word count is the name of the game, here. If the document you submit reaches 2000 or more words, then you’ll get full credit for that component of the assignment. If it doesn’t, you won’t.
  • Drafts are supposed to be a mess, so don’t worry too much if yours isn’t perfect yet. Yes, you’ll be sharing them with several other people next week, but theirs will be messy, too. You’ll have a very sympathetic audience, believe me. Don’t worry about the formalities of editing or formatting yet. In-text citation isn’t necessary, either, but I would like to see SOME indication of sources as they are used in the draft. Putting notes like (Source 1) or (McMillan source) is fine. Or you can go ahead and do the whole MLA in-text citation, if you prefer.
  • Since this is a working draft, feel free to stop at certain points and make notes to yourself, or ask questions of the people who will be reading it. Skipping around in the order of things is perfectly fine, too. Just put something like “insert more research about population changes here” and keep rolling. It helps if these notes are a different color, font, or size than the rest of the draft, just so we don’t get confused.
  • Unlike earlier drafts, we will be sharing this version with others for Peer Review in the next module. While this is still considered a rough draft, it should have a little more polish to it, since you’ve had time to comb through the versions you’ve already done for a bit of refinement.

No late work will be accepted for the rough draft posting. If you don’t have a draft that reaches the minimum word count before the deadline, I encourage you to go ahead and submit what you have. You won’t get credit for this assignment, but you will be eligible to get feedback from others next week, and earn points for reviewing theirs.

You ARE required to complete the following questionnaire for all of your peer edits. Reply to their post with the answers to the following questions.

Reviews can be completed, even if you didn’t submit your own draft. Reviews are half of the point value for this assignment.


  1. After reading your partner’s draft, do you feel that the introduction was effective? What specifically made it effective? What could be changed to make it more effective?
  2. Overall, what is your general impression of this draft? Did you find this essay interesting and engaging? Please explain. Also, how could the writer improve the draft, generally speaking? How could it be expanded to meet the final page requirement? Please offer at least two specific suggestions.
  3. Do you consider this draft to be persuasive (meaning that it makes a clear, logical argument)? Please explain. If you don’t feel this draft is persuasive, what specific suggestions do you have for the writer to make it more so?
  4. Looking carefully, find at least two confusing sections of the draft. This may be at the word, sentence, or paragraph level. For example, perhaps you found an incorrect word or odd punctuation, or maybe a few sentences are awkward or too long. Describe why you found each of these particular sections confusing and offer concrete suggestions to help clarify the writing.
  5. What is your favorite aspect of this draft and why? What was the most interesting thing you learned by reading this draft?
  6. What aspect of this draft do you feel needs the most attention and development before it is finished? Why do you feel this way?
  7. Comment on the use of sources in this draft. Does the draft have clear in-text citations in every place it seems to need them? If not, point out a couple of spots that will need them before the final draft. Did you feel convinced by the authority of the sources used? Point to one or two areas of the paper where more explanation about the sources, or context of the material quoted/paraphrased, could be used.
  8. Any other comments? Please include them as well.
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