Research Proposal in water energineering:

Title: Sustainable analysis for urban water management

The aim of the research is to build sustainable urban water for future. The research look into methodologies and strategies to address different risk and hazards to mitigate flood events as well as drought consequences.

Need to focus more on is how urban water management can be accomplished. This includes the distribution planning, risk and uncertainty modelling for flood and drought and integration of water infrastructure with other infrastrcuture such as energy and transport and waste. All these will include the usage of some tools and technique including system dynamics, stochastic optimisation and heuristics such as genetic algorithm

Specifically, build a simulation based model to help minimise the risk of flood and drought of a city, optimise the water distribution planning in uncertain situation and assess the impact of water supply disruption to other infrastructures.
Format : 1:Introduction
2: Problem Statement
3:Aims and Objectives
4:Literature Review


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