Research Paper (List the eleven (11) bases of democracy)

“Research Paper”, a 10-page APA formatted paper in response to the prompt below:

List the eleven (11) bases of democracy identified by Walter E. Volkomer in Chapter 2, “Politics, Democracy, and the American People”. Define each of these and provide examples from current American government and politics demonstrating how these are being sustained or eroded; explain. You will provide a conclusion in the form of an analysis on current events and challenges in American government in light of these eleven bases of democracy. Ensure that your paper has appropriate headings and subheadings and that you cite sources appropriately, including the course textbook from which you identified the eleven bases of democracy.

Clarifications: APA-formatted response means, Times New Roman, size 12 font, 1-inch margin on all sides of the page, a Running head in the document with page numbers in the upper right corner of the pages. For each response, you must have a minimum of a one cited source, and all sources will be listed on the final page (a separate page) of your final portfolio as “References”.

After identifying them, you need to define each and state how that is being sustained….that is, being lived up to, protected, or exhibited in current events…look at the protests for example and other events, OR how such a base of Democracy is being eroded or destroyed or even diminished by the actions of governments, etc.

Remember to cite your work using the textbook and other important sources.

Please use the word document template under “Modules > Additional Resources” so as to help you with formatting the paper correctly.

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