Refer to the pokemon database website: to build up the pokemon database for our games (get base exp from The pokemon database must be store in JSON file pokedex.json At least 2 pokemons for each type

Network Programming (Net Centric Programming) – IT096IU

Term Project Description





To allow students to gain practical experience of the design, prototyping, testing, and evaluation stages of network application development.

To allow students to gain practical experience of using the TCP and UDP communications protocols at the programming level.

To strengthen the student’s understanding of networking and communication issues by relating theory and practice.


Project Deliverables:

Source code and documentation must be submitted on blackboard before due. Zip all your file and name it (ex:

A demonstration session will be held at the end of the course. You will be asked to run through your program. Questions will be asked to verify your project source code

Fail to show up during the demonstration session or no demonstration at all will result in ZERO grading for project


Due date:

8:00AM Monday December 26th 2016

Demo: starting 8:00AM Monday December 26th 2016



Project Task: PokeCat n PokeBat

(wiki) Pokémon is a series of video games developed by Game Freak and Creatures Inc. and published by Nintendo as part of the Pokémon media franchise. First released in 1996 in Japan for the Game Boy, the main series of role-playing video games (RPGs) has continued on each generation of Nintendo’s handhelds. Games are commonly released in pairs—each with slight variations—and then an enhanced remake of the games is released a few years after the original releases. While the main series consists of role-playing games, spinoffs encompass other genres, such as action role-playing, puzzle, and digital pet games. As of February 2016, more than 279 million units have been sold worldwide, more than 200 millions of which from the main series, making it the second best-selling video game franchise, behind only Nintendo’s own Mario franchise. The franchise’s mascot is Pikachu.

In this project, we will build a simple, text-based version of Pokemon game: PokeCat and PokeBat. There are two modules of the game Cat à Catching and Bat à Battling

Programming languages requirements: Python. You can use TCP, UDP for communication




Refer to the pokemon database website: to build up the pokemon database for our games (get base exp from

The pokemon database must be store in JSON file pokedex.json

At least 2 pokemons for each type

Players store their captured pokemons in a pokemon list file, json format. This file contain information about the pokemon from pokedex.json as well as other info such as level, accumulated experience.

Leveling a pokemon:

  • Pokemon earns exp points via pokebat (refer below)
  • Pokemon need to double the accumulated exp at each level to gain next level
  • All attributes except speed will be re-calculated: old * (1 + EV). EV by default is 0.5. Bonus: EV can be randomized from 0.5 – 1 when server spawn pokemons (refer to PokeCat)
  • A pokemon can be destroyed to give all its accumulated exp to a same type pokemon



The pokemon battle allows two persons to attend via network. Each player will pick 3 pokemons from their pokemon list to join a battle

Turn based battle

1st pokemon of 2 players who has higher speed will take 1st move

Player can switch pokemon during battle, turn will end after switching

Play must switch pokemon if the active pokemon got killed in battle

A pokemon attack will be randomly choose between normal attack and special attack

A special attack will have all elemental effects of a pokemon. Highest elemental damage will be applied to target pokemon

Normal attack: DMGA = ATKA – DEFB



One player can surrender a battle à other player will win automatically

Each pokemon of winning player will get 1/3 total of accumulated exp of all pokemons on the losing team




Pokeworld is a 1000×1000 cells

Support multiple players on pokeworld. Player can join anytime

Player starts at a random coordinate. Player can move up/down, left/right one cell every second. Auto mode: set duration to run (i.e. 120 sec)

Server spawns pokemon every minute using pokedex, 50 pokemons each wave, spawned pokemons have random level. Pokemon will be despawned after 5 mins w/o being captured

When player in a cell that contains a pokemon à pokemon will be automatically captured

Player can have maximum 200 pokemons




– Architecture

– Format for player json data file

– Sequence diagram for main functions

– Instruction how to deploy and run your project



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