Refer to the Eagle Consulting Info Sheet attched below Develop a 10-screen PowerPoint presentation with accompanying lecture notes that explains the following concepts: Bond valuation techniques Stock valuation techniques Comparison of stock and bond investing.


Introduction to Eagle Consulting and Financial Services, Inc.


Eagle Consulting and Financial Services is a company offering a range of financial advisory and consulting services to individuals and business. Eagle focuses on solving clients’ most challenging issues with a cross-disciplinary approach that encompasses everything from enterprise improvement and financial advisory services to information management, leadership and organizational effectiveness, and turnaround and restructuring.


Eagle’s vast experience and specialized expertise enables the company to serve a wide range of businesses and industries, whether they are healthy, challenged, or distressed, as well as business owners and other individuals.



Services for Individuals


The Wealth Management team at Eagle works with individuals to deliver services and solutions that help build, preserve, and manage wealth.    The mission of every financial advisor is to understand the aspirations of each and every client and help them achieve their goals.


Services provided to individual investors include:


  • Wealth planning
  • Investment management
  • Cash management
  • Lending solutions
  • Estate planning



Services for Businesses


The Business Advisory team specializes in a wide array of enterprise-wide solutions. The team tailors their services to the specific needs of the client, whether addressing an isolated business challenge; integrating resources across departments, divisions or continents; or serving in interim leadership roles to steer a firm through a period of change. The Eagle suite of services address all aspects of the business life cycle to help clients overcome complex operational and financial issues, uncover new opportunities, minimize risk, and maximize value.


Services provided to businesses include:


  • Enterprise improvement
  • Financial advisory services
  • Information management
  • Leadership and organizational effectives
  • Turnaround and restructuring
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