psychological impacts of a battle selected from the World War I through the Iraq and Afghanistan war periods

This is a major capstone project which takes time to complete.  You should select the battle you are going to use for it by the end of Week 4 of the course term and pace composing your slides across Weeks 5 through 8.

In 20 PowerPoint slides, use images and narrative writing to present psychological impacts of a battle selected from the World War I through the Iraq and Afghanistan war periods.  The presentation must demonstrate knowledge of applicable course concepts covered this term.  It cannot be simply a series of slides with images only or images plus bullet-pointed facts, but rather must tell the story of what you have learned about the psychology of the combat relevant to your selected battle period in paraphrased narrative writing (meaning restatements in your own words of information in published material) with accompanying images.

All slides must include source crediting for any photos, graphs, tables, etc. drawn from and writing based on published material.  The presentation must end with a slide containing a References list of all publications cited

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