Project Status Memo.

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WA3 ASSIGNMENT: Write a Project Status Memo to your instructor which reports on the current status of your major course project.

This assignment consists of these parts:

(1) Name the specific real-world decision-maker to whom your final WA4 report will be addressed. This should be the person who can give go-ahead approval to turn your proposed solution into action.

(2) Refine and improve your original Basic Question and your Thesis Statement to reflect any new information, insights, and evidence gathered from your research effort.

(3) Explain the main reasons why this issue is important, and why it must be investigated and solved.

(4) Give a critical analysis of the secondary research done so far on the course project topic.

(5) Identify one or more possible sources for primary research in your course project (personal interview, survey, observation, etc.). Find an effective method for gathering information from your primary source.

(6) Write a memo report that discusses the information using the template below [see FORMAT]:

LENGTH: About two to two-and-a-half pages (1,000 to 1,500 words).

FORMAT: The WA3 paper should be in standard business Memo Format: single-spaced, no indented paragraphs, using regular 12-point Times New Roman font. The structure and heading should apply this Template:


TEMPLATE for Submitting Your WA3 Project Status Memo

To: [Your instructor’s name]
From: [Your Name]
Date: [Today’s Date]
Subject: [Project Title Name]

Summary [Provide a brief summary identifying the purpose of writing this memo.]

What the Problem Is [In one paragraph, identify and describe the problem to which you are going to propose a solution.]

Why This Problem Needs to be Investigated [In one or two paragraphs, describe the reasons you think this problem is important.]

Preliminary Ideas for Solving the Problem [In one or two paragraphs, describe alternative approaches to the problem/situation you are describing.]

What Research Has Been Conducted about the Problem [In one or two paragraphs, describe secondary research you have conducted and primary research you have conducted on the problem and solution.]

Research Sources [Cite all sources in full, correct APA Reference citation format.]

Conclusion [In one or two sentences, conclude your memo with a summary of the current status.]


VALUE: 15% of final course grade.



  • Specific identification of real-world decision-maker
  • Clear explanations of the problem, alternative solutions, and value to the organization
  • Support of idea with hard facts, specific details, and concrete examples
  • Thorough discussion of approaches for primary and secondary research sources
  • Sources cited in full, correct APA format
  • Use of correct, appropriate memo report format
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