Project Management Assign

1.  Define and explain all the following terms below:

a. Path:

b. Activity

c. Early Start

d. Early Finish

e. Late Start

f.  Late Finish

g. Forward Pass

h. Backward Pass

i.  Node

j.  AON

k. Float

l. Critical Path


2.  “The shortest total length of a project is determined by the longest path through the network.”  Explain the concept behind this statement.  Why does the longest path determine the shortest project length?

3.What is the time estimate of an activity in which the optimistic estimate is 2 days, pessimistic is 12 days, and most likely is 4 days?  Show your complete  work with formulas and equation ( caluculations).

4.Check the attachment below named Q 4 and answer 9.7 question in the attachement completely with the table reference provided (Consider the following project tasks and their identified best, likely, and worst case estimates of task duration.  Assume the organization you work for computes TE based on the standard formula.  Calculate the TE for each of the following tasks (round to the nearest integer)

5.Check the attachment below named Q 5 and answer 9.5 question in the attachment completely with the table reference provided (Construct a network activity diagram based on the following information:)

Chapter 10

1. The advantage of Gantt charts lies in their linkage to the project schedule baseline.  Explain this concept.

2. What are the advantages in the use of Gantt charts over PERT diagrams?  In what ways might PERT diagrams be advantageous?

3.  What are some of the advantages in the use of AOA notation as opposed to AON?  Under what circumstances does it seem better to apply AON methodology in network development?

4. Check the Attachment below named Chapter 10 Q 4 and answer 10.4 question in the attachment completely with the table reference provided in the question (Consider a project with the following information. Construct the project activity network using AOA methodology and label each node and arrow appropriately.Identify all dummy activities required to complete the network)

  All the answers and problems with working solutions should be APA 6th edition with 4 minimum references and in-text citations any plagiarism is considered zero.  

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