Produce and complete a Gantt Chart using MS Project software

Question 1: Project Risk factors
  • List the major risk factors for your project and the possible ways to mitigate this risks for your project.
Question 2: Resource Evaluation
  • Produce and complete a Gantt Chart using MS Project software.

  • Using the Table below enter the information into MS Project software. Assume that each resource has been assigned to the project activity on a full-time (8 hours /day or 40 hours per week) basis


Activity Duration Predecessors Resource Assigned
A. User Survey 4 None Gail Wilkins
B. Coding 12 A Tom Hodges
C. Debugging 5 B Wilson Pitts
D. Design Interface 6 A,C Sue Ryan
E. Develop Training 5 D Reed Taylor

Include a title page and adhere to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA), (6th ed., 2nd printing) when writing and submitting assignments and papers.

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