Procedure to Operate an Elementary School in Somalia

Please Follow the Following Outline and Notes


1. Project will be a mini version of the thesis. It will be no more than 25 pages.
2. 28 pagese including bibliography
3. Apendices will be at the end of the project( all Tables and figures go there)
4. Fonts will be 12 Times New Roman
5. Double Space
6. Page Number will start on Introduction ( Top right)
7. Each chapter restate the Question as it is and explain how you will answer.
8. Each Chapter Introduces what is about that chapter and what was previous chapter and what will be the following chapter.

10. A two to three-page summary explaining the project. You can select information from your paper as appropriate to use in this explanation, but you should include:
a. Your research question.
b. A brief description of the type of project The intended audience for the project ( community leaders, Government, parents, International Community, Diaspora, etc.)
c. An explanation of the project format, if needed – for example,
d. Enough additional introductory information that a person who opens the project who has not read your paper will be able to understand the curriculum, website, etc. that you have created.

11. The project. Depending on the type of project, include the following:
a. Curriculum units: All unit materials, including handouts (unless these are accessible as links).
b. Adult presentations: All agendas, electronic presentations, presentation scripts, handouts (or links to handouts), and any other related materials.
c. Websites: Description of the website, link to the website, selected screen shots and descriptions of major parts of the website.
d. Other types of projects as appropriate

12. A reference list of sources that are specific to the project. These are likely to be different than your sources in your paper. If you have developed a website, what are your links? If you have developed curriculum, what are outside sources you may have included such as books, websites? In your adult presentations, are there sources you refer the audience to for follow-up from the presentation?
13. Please use the Thesis Format for reference

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