Problem Solving: Planning, Analysis and Evaluation case study

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By now, you are quite familiar with the background of shoplifting in Riyadh. It is time for you to write your analysis.


Your assignment is to analyze the data related to shoplifting.

Prompt: Retail businesses in Riyadh are complaining that the police are ineffective in stopping shoplifting. Periodic articles in the newspaper also make the problem seem hopeless. Your task is to write an analysis of the problem based on the data that you have available. You do not need to make recommendations; just state the conditions as they exist now. If you feel that there is insufficient data, you can also include a request for more, but be specific about what is needed. You should include at least one graph or pie chart in your response.

Here are you data sources:

  1. Shoplifters Take Advantage Of Lax Security In Malls
  2. Female shoplifters caught on camera
  3. Shoplifting in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (also available here).
  4. The Prevalence of Organized Retail Crime in Riyadh,Saudi Arabia (also available here).

Source References:

  1. Al-Ghalib, E. (2005, February 12). Shoplifters Take Advantage of Lax Security in Malls. Arab News.
  2. Al-Fawaz, N. (2015, March 24). Female Shoplifters Caught on Camera. Arab News.
  3. Dabil, S. (2009). Shoplifting in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Vol:3, No:12.
  4. Dabil, S. (2014). The Prevalence of Organized Retail Crime in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Vol:8, No:2.


Step 1: Preparation

  1. Review the CILO 2 rubric below that will be used to assess your answer. Be sure that you can achieve all performance levels.
  2. Compose your response in any text editor (e.g. MS Word, or Google Docs) and spell check and grammar check it.
  3. Use APA citation and reference format to refer to your sources.

Step 2: Submission

  1. Click on the title of this assignment to open it.
  2. Either paste your text into the text editor box by clicking WRITE SUBMISSION or attach a PDF version of your essay file by clicking BROWSE MY COMPUTER.
  3. [Optional] Add Comments and/or excuses in the text box for your professor.


Your essay will be assessed using the CILO 2 rubric shown below. All assessment will be completed by the course professor. This assignment is worth 6% of your course grade.

Your answer will be evaluated for plagiarism automatically using SafeAssign. Answers with significant amounts of plagiarism may receive a significantly reduced grade for the assignment along with a warning.

CILO 2UnsatisfactoryBaselineDevelopingGoodExemplary
2.1 Data (50%)No datasets identified.Identify one relevant dataset.Identify multiple relevant datasets…and aggregate into a single coherent data structure…and explain quality with reference to missing data, outliers, and relevant metadata.
2.2 Analysis (50%)No analytical approach identified.Describe one analytical approach.Describe multiple analytical approaches…and generate appropriate representations of results…describing any patterns and correlations in the data.


  1. An “analytical approach” could include the SARA model, the Crime Triangle model, cause-effect diagram, or others.
  2. “Correlations in the data” would be patterns that you notice occur in two or more sources.

Requirements: 500 words

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