present an argument to convince readers that immigrants eat food to maintain their culture in America

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Prompt: The United States of America is frequently described as a “melting pot” in many documents. However, as a land of immigrants, many people fall into one of three categories when it comes to the food that they consume and maintaining a cultural identity. Present an argument to convince your readers that:

a. Immigrants eat food to maintain their culture in America.

b. Immigrants eat food to assimilate into the American culture in order to fit in, forgetting their original culture.


c. Immigrants form a hybrid food culture that have become “almost” American or choose when to eat foods from their traditional culture or foods deemed as acceptable in America.

Hence, use your choice of arguments from a, b, or c above or a combination of these arguments to show how food helps to create or not create a multicultural America.

Please follow the essay guideline set out in the MLA format:

1. Introduction with a thesis

2. 3 Body paragraphs with clear topic sentences and three or more supporting details that are cohesive and with evidence of research from the articles and videos discussed in class

3. A good conclusion, restating your thesis and summarizing your arguments.

4. Good grammar, sentences, punctuation

5. Correct in-text citation format

6. Correct Works Cited Page

7. Good formatting and Organization

8. Any sign of plagiarism will result in a failing grade and other disciplinary actions

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