potential counterargument

Choose five of Forni’s rules (from the Table of Contents attached; the rules are the numbered 1 – 25), and for each one: 1. Determine if you agree that it will bring long-term happiness; 2. Provide reasons why you agree or disagree; 3. Provide at least one potential counterargument to your position.

Choosing Civility

P.M. Forni

25 Rules of Considerate Conduct

What are the 25 Rules of Considerate Conduct?Pay attentionAcknowledge othersThink the bestListenBe inclusiveSpeak kindlyDon’t speak illAccept and give praiseRespect even a subtle “no”Respect others’ opinionsMind your bodyBe agreeableKeep it down (and rediscover silence)Respect other people’s timeRespect other people’s spaceApologize earnestlyAssert yourselfAvoid personal questionsCare for your guestsBe a considerate guestThink twice before asking for favorsRefrain from idle complaintsAccept and give constructive criticismRespect the environment and be gentle to animalsDon’t shift responsibility and blame
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Asian American 3

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Environmental Science Question

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