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Beowulf Test Study Guideundefined

Make sure you can cite textual evidence (quote or paraphrase example) for each question. Your response should center around analysis, not just description


1. In your opinion, what three traits did the Anglo Saxons value most in a man, based on your readings of Beowulf? Why?undefined

2. Beowulf is not a Dane. Why then, did he decide to offer his help to the Danes?undefined

3. Infer what would have happened if Beowulf never came to rescue Herot.undefined

4. Grendel and his mother are cursed monsters, yet his mother feels a very human grief when her son is dead. What does this tell us about Anglo Saxon cultural beliefs regarding family?undefined

5. What specifically makes Beowulf different from all the other warriors of his time?undefined

6. Characterize Wiglafundefined

7. How does the dragon compare to other dragons you’ve read about/seen on TV, movies, or video games?undefined

8. Analyze Beowulf’s funeral rites. What is the significance of the way the Geats memorialize Beowulf?undefined

9. What is Beowulf’s attitude towards the concept of fear?undefined

10. What is the central Christian message of this story?

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