Plastic Bag ban (sustainable marketing) Research paper

Draft 1Write a Position Paper on a current issue related to sustainable marketing. Position papers are written to persuade the reader, by using sound research, to take your side of an issue. Many nonprofit organizations use position papers to persuade government officials on public policy. Companies also publish position papers on social/environmental issues to defend their actions and can be used to clearly express a company’s position during a publicity crisis. An example of a position paper would be if a major restaurant chain decided to eliminate the use of straws at their restaurants. The paper would use statistics and evidence of the detrimental impact straws have on marine life. APA style should be used for references.

Topic: Plastic Bag ban

The purpose of this assignment is to help you become more knowledgeable about an area of sustainable marketing that interests you and will be helpful in your future career. Additionally, this assignment is to further develop your critical thinking and writing skills as well as determining what is appropriate evidence. By appropriate evidence I mean no Wikipedia, blogs, tweets, etc. Do not expect to get all of your resources just by Google-ing. You can gain access to scholarly journals and trade publications through the Library resources. You must include current (not more than 5 years old) journals and publications – not just websites.

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