plan for 3 cyber security challenges?

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The Internet of Things (IoT) has gained worldwide attention. Today, the IoT is used in a large number of sectors like healthcare, transportation, environmental safety, and manufacturing. As the Director of Cybersecurity, you have made it a priority to be forward thinking by educating yourself on new technologies, new trends, new cyber threats, and new cyber security strategies, tools and techniques. You feel it is necessary to write a professional informational paper for your security department about the potential risks and security challenges associated to the IoT. You want to do this in an effort to foster a forward-thinking culture in your department.


By conducting research, pick a sector that has been impacted by the IoT. Describe how the IoT impacts the sector you selected. Identify at least 3 potential security challenges due to the IoT within the sector you selected. Devise a high level plan to protect and defend your company if the challenges were to become a reality. Include the rationale for the high level plan so your department can start thinking ahead. Finally, the tone of the paper should be one that fosters a forward-thinking culture.

The paper needs to be 5-7 pages of content, excluding cover page and references. Please cite sources.

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