physical database design techniques

Part 1 Design Techniques, Index, and Reflection

Hello Class! Please respond to BOTH of the following questions:

Question A

There are 14 physical database design techniques discussed in chapter 8 (attached). The goal of a quality physical design is to improve performance while disrupting the logical design as little as possible. Pick a technique, which you believe to be the most beneficial in accomplishing the above goal, and explain your reasoning.

Question B

Discuss the concept of an index and explain how they improve performance.

Question C

Review and reflect on what you have learned over the past 8 weeks. Identify and discuss what the most practical and easily applied lesson you learned was. Also, discuss which lesson was the hardest for you to grasp? Why? (You’ve been work on the duscusion posts and assignment for this class, use what you have worked on as a reference guide for this post.


Part 2 Peer Responses

Respond to the discussion post of two peers.

Will add them as soon as they make their posts.

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