PHYS202 Lab: Plot Graph and answer questions Balmer series lab

Find the attached data from the experiment and use it to write a lab report (I only care that you answer the 6 questions at the end and do the graphing part ” the wavelength, 1/λ, versus 1/n2 “).1. Calculate the Rydberg constant from your graph and compare it with the accepted value. 2. Show that the principle quantum number of the final state(nf=2) is consistent with your data by using the y-intercept. Note: showing is not just stating the y-intercept value. 3. What do you see when looking at the incandescent light? How might an incandescent light bulb work differently than the discharge lamps? 4. You observe discrete lines when you look at the hydrogen or mercury source. How would this be different if the electrons in an atom obeyed classical mechanics? 5. How much energy do the emitted photons have for both the hydrogen and mercury light sources 6. Why can we only visually see the Balmer Series? Are other light spectrums(Lyman Series, Paschen Series, Brackett Series, etc.) being emitted? Explain

Submit a word file. Excel is preferred for the graph.

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