Patient Satisfaction Quality Improvement Project: Leadership, Stakeholders and Departments affected by the Quality Improvement Project.

Patient Satisfaction Quality Improvement Project: Culture of Safety, Caring, and Collaboration

Making detailed plans for implementation is crucial in successfully leading change. Take into consideration how changes affect others and promotes a caring and collaborative environment. For nurse leaders, not only is the safety of patients of primary concern but also the safety of the staff.

CREATE an organizational chart that includes but not limited to the following that will have a direct impact on the Patient Satisfaction Quality Improvement Project: Leadership, Stakeholders and Departments affected by the Quality Improvement Project.

Work with administrators to help them understand nursing practice and how the Quality Improvement Project initiative will improve patient satisfaction.

WRITE a summation that includes the following. APA is not required. A cover page is required. A title is required on page 2. Use headings to identify the five bullet points below.
• How will you trend data that will be used in the action or evaluation phase of the initiative?
• How will you market nursing to other groups, the community, and professions through relationship building
• How will you build trusting working relationships?
• Where and when will patient-centered care fit into the implementation phase of the initiative.
• Recommendations for improving project.
Reference Page – All references are required to be cited within the text. All citations are required to be referenced on the reference page.

Plagiarism Report – For this assignment the Plagiarism Report will only be on the Summation. The Plagiarism Report cannot have a similarity index of more than 25%. If the percentage is greater than 25% point deductions will apply. Copy your document without the references and save it as a Word document. Submit the document to the Plagiarism Checker located in the Library. When you receive the report back, copy the report in its entirety and paste it after the references. If you are unable to complete this process, save the report as a pdf file and submit it as a separate document.

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