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1 Rashed: 0:01 test test test. Okay. So how are you? 2 Jordan: 0:57 I’m good. I might have fractured my ankle. So that’s why I haven’t been in classes. 3 Rashed: 1:06 Okay. So where are you from? 4 Jordan: 1:14 Columbia city about 40 to 45 minutes outside of Fort Wayne. 5 Rashed: 1:21 Were you born there? 6 Jordan: 1:25 Yes, I was actually born just just inside Columbus. 7 Rashed: 1:31 So what made you go to college? 8 9 10 11 12 Jordan: 1:39 Right, I went to Indiana Tech is my third college. I used to play basketball, basketball at Wabash College in crawfordsville, Indiana. And then I transferred and went to Concordia University up in Michigan for two years. And then I started to have some family problems. So I came back to Portland as well went to Indiana Tech. So yeah, I would say I would say basketball is why I got to college. And then also of course, does better my education. 13 Rashed: 2:21 Okay, so were you playing basketball in high school? middle school? 14 Jordan: 2:27 Yeah, I’ve been playing basketball my whole life. Yep. Um, 15 Rashed: 2:31 what made you choose basketball? 16 17 Jordan: 2:36 Just kind of sport. Just kind of a sport that my dad wanted me. Like me a lot. I played every sport growing up. But basketball is one that stuck with me. And what I loved the most myself. 18 19 Rashed: 2:53 So after college, where will you want to live that you don’t like? Are you still going to be in Columbus city? Or like are you going to move out? 20 21 Jordan : 3:05 I want to go to our live in Tennessee. I love the mountain area. I like to culture I like to hike and all that 22 23 Rashed: 3:20 Yeah, I used to live in Tennessee Yeah, when I finished Middle School in high school there and then moved to Indiana. 24 Jordan: 3:29 Lucky 25 Rashed: 3:32 so what’s your major? 26 27 Jordan: 3:39 Exercise Sciences my major and then my minor the actual name for it but it’s basically the same thing. It’s about it’s about working out. Okay, so 28 Rashed: 3:53 what made you choose it? 29 30 31 32 Jordan: 3:57 You know, just growing up always working out for basketball and training for basketball. I’m already starting to I coach at slider high school here in Fort Wayne freshman bowl. And I help out people all the time with lifting, whether it be what he different types of workouts and plans. This is something that I’ve already kind of been doing my whole life. 33 Rashed: 4:28 Okay. Where do you see yourself in 10 years from now? 34 35 Jordan: 4:39 Hopefully, hopefully employed by a school or college coaching basketball at the same time maybe leading my own exercise training program online for online clients. 36 Rashed: 5:02 So if there’s like any challenges that you have faced in your life 37 38 39 40 Jordan: 5:15 regarding basketball, and playing Yeah, I would say that just because I fractured my five vertebrae in my freshman year of college ball, so I didn’t get to play at all. And, you know, I feel like some challenges would be transferring. This is my third school, you know, getting accustomed to classes and professors into how each school does it differently. Okay. 41 Rashed: 5:47 So, what accomplishment in your life are you most proud of? And why? 42 43 44 45 Jordan: 5:56 I’m most proud of Yeah. I would say, wedding sexuals for basketball in high school twice. Because I know it’s not just a single effort on my own. But it’s a team effort. And, you know, again, like basketball has been something pretty dear to me. It’s something that I care a lot about, because it’s taught me so many life lessons. 46 Rashed: 6:42 So So are you happy with where you are in life right now? 47 48 49 Jordan: 6:56 Yeah, I would say I am happy. I got my first coaching job right now. I’m still in school. I have a girlfriend and I am expecting a baby girl on the way soon to with her. Yeah, thank you. Yeah, I’m pretty happy with where I’m at right now. 50 Rashed: 7:25 So how old are you? 51 Jordan: 7:28 21. 52 53 Rashed: 7:29 You’re 21 Okay, so would you ever if you had a chance? Would you ever go outside the United States and live somewhere else? And where would that be? 54 55 56 Jordan: 7:50 I might Yeah, I would I would like to live in Greece, just because of the history there. The culture, the basically just like how Greece is, you know, it’s a beautiful country. Great landscapes, good architecture. Live in history. 57 58 Rashed: 8:22 So. So what are your goals right now? Like, are you trying to shave something right now? You have goals? 59 Jordan: 8:43 right now. I mean, my goal is, you know, finishing college. So I can start my career. 60 Rashed: 8:58 Do you think that you will finish college? 61 62 Jordan: 9:06 Yeah, I do think I’ll finish college in May. It may take me an extra year with a baby girl on the way and having to work more to provide. 63 Rashed: 9:30 So who was your favorite basketball player? 64 Jordan: 9:37 Michael Jordan. Again, just because, you know it’s I don’t think there’s anyone like him. 65 Rashed: 9:49 Do you think Kobe is better than him? 66 Jordan: Who? 67 Rashed: Kobe 68 69 70 Jordan: 9:59 No I didn’t think Kobe was better than him I thought Colby was the closest to resemble Michael. Obviously, he had that same, that same attitude as Michael did , that same fear factor. I just feel like with Michael is just a little still a little bit better. 71 72 73 74 Rashed: 10:22 Okay. So okay, so last question. What was something that shaped you know, like, for example, like, for me, like I say, my religion, you know shaped me who I am right now. Why am generous and you know, brave. So do you have like someone that you look up to, you know, that inspired you for who you are? 75 76 77 78 Jordan: 11:20 Yeah, I would say this my dad. You know, he’s taught me a lot of the core guys advice and he’s never stopped pushing me. He’s always he know, he showed me what’s really important in life or what’s more important. He showed me a work ethic, you know, and came back up when you get knocked down. 79 Rashed: 11:48 Is your dad Still alive? 80 Jordan: Yep. 81 Rashed: Okay, that’s good. That’s good. Well thank you. I guess this is all I have for you. 82 Jordan: 12:03 Oh, good. 83 Rashed: 0:01 Okay, um, so who’s your Who’s your hero? Do you have a hero that you look up to? 84 85 86 87 88 Jordan: 0:12 It was always Michael Jordan. Just because, you know, I played basketball and right now I’m coaching basketball for high school. And, you know, it’s just, you know, one of those idols that almost every little kid has grown up. But even now, his philanthropy work. You know, he’s, he does a lot of good, a lot of donating. And most of it is unheard. Because he’s, like, a lot of other superstars are today. 89 Rashed: 0:45 Okay, so what motivates you to work hard? 90 Jordan: 0:56 I told you this before. I have a daughter on the way so its all about her now 91 92 Rashed: 1:19 So, when he was when he was a kid, did he always wanted to be a basketball player or like to coach basketball? Or is that something that you wanted when you grow up? 93 94 95 Jordan: 1:33 Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I’ve always known like, I wanted to coach and stuff like that. throughout high school, there was like, maybe a thought about being becoming an architect. You know, I was kind of stuck with the basketball route. 96 Rashed: 1:51 Okay. So do you read books? 97 98 Jordan: 2:04 not anymore? No, I don’t know, My hobbies are pretty much. You know, go to class, and then go to practice and work out and then come home and fall asleep watching Netflix. 99 Rashed: 2:23 So you never had like a favorite author? 100 Jordan: 2:29 I mean, my favorite books to read and most of us love series. Okay. 101 Rashed: 2:38 Um, have you ever traveled? And if yes, where? 102 103 Jordan: 2:48 Yeah, just in state. We’re actually at my old college for basketball for a whole week, but the week right before Christmas, we went to Hawaii to go play some basketball games. 104 Rashed: 3:04 Okay, so you was at a you had a you went to college before? Like what college? 105 Jordan: 3:16 University of Michigan, in Arbor Michigan. 106 Rashed: 3:20 Okay. Okay. So why did you come to Indiana Tech? 107 108 109 Jordan: 3:31 You know, I stopped playing basketball halfway through the season. Last year up in Michigan, so I just had some family issues and problems going on back home. So I had moved back into the area. 110 111 Rashed: 3:58 So if you go, if you can go if you could go back in time to change like, you know, your life all over again. would you do it? Or do you like your life right now? 112 113 114 115 116 117 118 Jordan: 4:20 No, I like my life right now. I don’t think there’s anything I would undo. The only thing I would do is so probably stay at my very first college, which is Wabash college to liberal arts college. It’s one of the best to go to for for like a male. There. Connection is out of the world. their, their community is out of the world. You know, most graduates, I think the average graduate It’s when they leave college, their very first year, they’re already making 70 plus 1000 a year. And, you know, just I feel like it made me more of a man going to that college, you know, and I’m still that same man, but I’m just, I’m just saying like, it really helped, you know? 119 120 Rashed: 5:23 I mean, like, if you really like that college, I mean, can’t you like, you know, balance your life? And, you know, go to college? Go back to college, and, you know, and still be with your family? 121 122 Jordan: 5:43 Probably No, probably not. to farm and try to make that. But especially now that I have baby girl on the way. 123 124 Rashed: 5:54 That’s understandable. Um, have you? So, you said that you were coaching basketball, do you coach in Indiana Tech or like in a high school? 125 126 Jordan: 6:26 Okay, so like, Is that like a that’s basically your job? Right? Like, you get you get you get paid to coach? Yeah. 127 128 Rashed:6:39 Okay. Did you have any bad experience while you’re working there? Or is Everything good? So what type of music do you listen to? You listen to country music, right? 129 130 Jordan:7:18 I listen to about everything you know. And listen to country rap hip hop, classic rock. Just about everything. I would say my favorite country, but you know, it just depends on my mood. Really? 131 132 133 134 Rashed:7:39 Yeah, I listen to country sometimes. But most of my music or rap, sometimes there’s some good country music, but I like the daily music. I listen to his rap. But like if I’m on the road, like going on a trip or something, I listen to all the type of music on my phone like country hip hop, r&b. You know, the, you know, just relaxing. 135 Rashed 8:13 so, is English your first language? And is that the only language? 136 Jordan: 8:21 language I know? I only did Spanish in high school. 137 Rashed: 8:27 Do you speak Spanish? 138 Jordan: 8:30 Not? Not really. I might be able to pick up on some stuff, you know? 139 140 Rashed: 8:40 Oh, yeah, I took Spanish in high school. And I couldn’t learn because I was you know, learning English. And it was hard for me to learn Spanish at the same time. So 141 Jordan: 8:52 yeah, yeah. 142 Rashed: 8:55 Okay, last question. What is your favorite childhood memory? 143 144 145 146 Jordan: 9:14 I would say go to all the high school I went to all the basketball games. You know, cuz like growing up, I don’t think I missed a single boys basketball game in my school. And you know, the big fan. And that’s the that’s like where I knew I was gonna be in high school and I always wanted to be the player on the court. 147 Rashed 9:42 So you used to go and like watch the game or used to play. 148 Jordan: 9:49 Yeah. every high school game. I go and watch them. 149 Rashed 9:57 Well, I guess that’s all I have for you today. Have a good day. …

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