Participation in weekly forums

Assessment item 1 (Participation in weekly forums) is intended to provide students with an opportunity and an incentive to consolidate their grasp of the course material and to canvas ideas (including those related to their other assessment tasks). There are 13 weekly forums, one for each of the weekly activities set out in the course schedule

Students are encouraged to participate in all 13 forums but, for assessment purposes, are required to contribute substantively to student-to-student dialogue in a minimum of five (5) of the thirteen (13) weekly forums.
A substantive contribution constitutes a posting of up to, say, 500 words on forum. The posting may take the form of a question related to the weekly topic, a comment on the weekly topic or a question/comment on postings by one or more fellow students. The criteria for marking the forum participation of individual students are set out in Appendix 1 to this brief on assessment arrangements.

Appendix 1

Task: Contributions of 50-100 words to at least 5 of the 13 weekly forums
1. Evidence of substantive engagement in the online conversation;
2. Evidence of enquiry and research beyond the textbook;
3. Grasp of concepts demonstrated;
4. Quality of insight demonstrated. ………

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