Paper Correction

I have a paper that needs more information added need assistance it was not done correctly in my first submission to the professor. My Case study should be titled Leadership Development and Organizational Change I have enclosed the resource that we suppose to follow along with the paper that I turned in for submission.

Professor feed Back

Hi Jordan,

Not a bullet point outline, please follow the guidance provided in the Research Concept Guide.

You are telling me the problem is ‘the analysis of the effects of management.

I am not following how the analysis of the effects of management is a problem…

You need a business problem that is related to your cognate that you can support with current citations.

Please research this some more, review the guidance provided, revise and resubmit.


Task 1: Problem Statement Outline

Using the White Paper titled Simple but Effective Problem Statements and Research Questions as

a guide, develop a bullet point outline for the problem statement. Each bullet should be a single

sentence. Following the specific problem sentence include a short sentence describing how this

problem is related to your cognate. Finally, add APA formatted references for the supporting

reference sentences. Following the outline, you will provide an annotated bibliography for each

reference provided. You will post your submission in the assignment text window, and as a word


You will post your submission in the assignment text window and as a word document. Title your

word document as follows: LastName_Task 1 Bullet Point Outline_DDMMMYY.docx

Your submission will include the following:

Title Block

 Last Name, First Name

 Cognate

 Research Track (Project or Dissertation)

 Research Paradigm

 Planned Research Design (Case Study, Correlational, etc.)

 Proposed Topic

Problem Statement Bullet Outline

 General Problem Sentence

o Supporting Reference Sentence with Current Citation (< 5 years)

o Supporting Reference Sentence with Current Citation (< 5 years)

o Supporting Reference Sentence with Current Citation (< 5 years)

o Supporting Reference Sentence with Current Citation (< 5 years, optional bridge

supporting references sentence, see problem statement white paper)

 Specific Problem Sentence

 Relationship to Cognate

 References

Annotated Bibliography for each Reference

APA formatted reference (250 words for each reference)

 Description of why this is a credible source (author(s), publication, date)

 Summary of the article

 Discussion of how this reference supports the existence of the general problem and the

consequences of the problem identified in the general problem sentence.ATTACHMENTSsimple_but_effective_problem_statements_and_research_questions_11june2019.pdfjordan_task_1_bullet_point_outline_08292020.docx

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