Organizational Behavioral

This is a discussion board for this week it must be at least 2 pages.*** ****Must reply to 2 other student*** ***This week I am the Co-Host Co-Host-Unveils current event article on a hot topic related to organizational behavior. Preferably, the topic will be related to the reading material for the week. Additionally, this role may also choose to discuss an ethical/unethical issue as it pertains to the material discussed in the chapter. The selected topic may come from news articles, news stories, and/or publications that are relevant to the chapters assigned each week. *****We are talking about Emoticons this week*** Emoticons have become a popular way that individuals express themselves when communicating with others. However, individuals have been selecting display these popular faces far before they first appeared as icons on keyboards. An array of emotions can be observed in both social and professional settings. Yet, what impact do they have on productivity? Coming up this week on our show, we will explore the role of attitudes, moods, and emotions play in the productivity of employees in the workplace. We will also seek to understand how perception and attribution influence behavior of individuals in organizations. Please review the assignment tab to ascertain your deliverables for this week and stay tuned for updates happening on our show.

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