Organization leadership

Question 1. This week analyzes power and position and how leaders understand and apply power within organizations. How should leaders use their power based on reading from Kouzes and Posner?

Describe two events you have experienced where:

A. Leaders or managers used their power appropriately and what they did to demonstrate they understood and valued the ethical use of power and where

B. Leaders or managers used their power inappropriately and what they did to demonstrate their inability to understand and value the ethical use of power.

C. Finally, describe what you learned about how leaders influence organizations through their use of power as a result of both experience

Question 2. HBR Discussion Forum, Ethics of Power, Influence, and Persuasion, Points to Honor. Harvard Business School Press.

Honesty is selected more than any other leadership characteristic in every survey Kouzes and Posner have conducted. Power, Influence and Persuasion are all necessary elements of leadership. Summarize how leaders can make legitimate use of power, influence and persuasion to make important contributions to their business. What are the ethical issues associated with their use.

Question 3. In the HBR Coursepack article, Leadership that Gets Results, Goleman argues that leaders who have mastered 4 our more of the 6 leadership styles, especially the authoritative, democratic, affiliative, and coaching leadership styles, have the potential of creating the best organizational climate and generating strong performance levels.

Provide an example of a leader or manager you worked under who demonstrated each of these four styles and what they did specifically to demonstrate those styles.

Finally, describe how you personally and professionally benefited from those leaders and managers who demonstrated these 4 styles that Goleman highlights?

Question 4. Write essay 450-550 words. What a Difference a World Makes: Understanding Threats to Performance in a VUCA World by Nathan Bennett; G. James Lemoine.


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