niche development opportunities

Build a realistic donor profile of someone who would give to the cause you identified in Week 1. Please complete the following for this assignment:

Answer all 10 questions in the textbook Exhibit 8-1 (page 138) for your donor. Submit with your video.
Create a script to use, face to face, in asking the donor from your Major Gifts Prospect Profile (Week 2 Assignment) for a donation $5,000 larger than their normal contribution. Include a rebuttal assuming they ask why the large increase in the requested amount.
Using the script you drafted, role play (make it conversational) and create a three to five minute marketing video of you asking the donor for the increased $5,000 donation to support your selected cause. You do not have to turn in your script. Use the advice provided in the Chapter 7 page 121. Also get creative (engage someone else in the ask). Remember to make eye contact, to use good voice volume as well as voice inflections (pitch and tone, rise and fall versus monotone).
You can use whatever video tool you (Kaltura, Jing (Links to an external site.), etc.) like as long as it can be viewed and accessed.
Resources for Assessment:

Textbook readings: Read and Review Chapters 1, and 6 – 8.
7 Tips on Asking for Donations — It’s Intimidating, We Get It (Links to an external site.)
Fundraising’s Four Magic Questions: Answer These and the Gift Is Yours (Links to an external site.)
This activity is matched to the following Learning Outcomes: Students will examine critical fund development issues facing today’s nonprofits. Review and evaluate an agency’s existing fund development program elements with their fellow classmates. Discuss past elements and their success of an agency’s overall fund development plan. Create a return on investment model for future elements of a development plan for longevity and relevance of the programs to an agency’s mission. Prepare and submit various special events, direct mail/online and leadership giving elements for class review and evaluation. The student will review historical funding sources and determine future interest areas and niche development opportunities to support a nonprofit agency. Students will us appropriate writing and oral skills. Present oral reports using appropriate grammar, etc.

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