Need Outline / 5 paragraphs for case study on labor dispute

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COMPREHENSIVE CASE STUDY: I need a detailed outline for the labor legal issue /dispute, no min length, 5 total paragraphs on this topic

The National Hockey League lockout of 2004-2005

The comprehensive case study will include (5 paragraphs on an detailed outline for the following with online references. I need urls):

  • Introduction: Include a summary of the history of the labor issue, including information regarding the union, management, precedents and other pertinent information .
  • Literature Review: Review literature regarding current labor relations theory and the strategies utilized to address these issues.
  • Analysis: Review the selected labor issue and its place in the development of labor relations policy. How do you believe the issue should be (have been) resolved. Base your solution on theory and research.
  • Synthesis: Identify and suggest strategies to move the company forward with their labor relations efforts and policies.
  • 5.Conclusion: Present a summary of information and recommended solutions, with consideration given to implementation of strategy and implications for company stakeholders.
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