Nationalized Healthcare—Prescription or Problem? (A Debate)


Critical Read attached Article and Descriptions. Answer all Question 1-9. The assignment is to be written as a paper. One source should be given to support your response in addition to citing the assigned article. Include Proper in-text citation. Use attached Grade Rubric.

This assignment is based upon the article “Nationalized Healthcare—Prescription or Problem? (A Debate),” found in the Reading & Study folder for Module/Week 7.
Website: Nationalized Healthcare—Prescription or Problem?
Emil, S., & Van Mol, A. (2009). Nationalized healthcare—prescription or problem? (A debate). Today’s Christian Doctor.

Click on the link and read the article by Emil & Van Mol.

Please respond to the following:
1.Summarize the major points of each person in the debate.
2.What is the strength and weaknesses of each person in the debate?
3.Take into consideration the moral and spiritual dimensions of the debaters’ responses.
4.Also, in your discussion take into consideration the economic consequences of each debater’s response.
5.You should write their opinion of health care reform based upon the response to the debate as well as one other reference (it does not have to be peer-reviewed).
6.This is an individual assignment involving the summarizing of the major points of problem/topic in the article.
7.The assignment is to be written as a paper.
8.One source should be given to support your response in addition to citing the assigned article, which is already embedded in the course.
9.You should use APA format, 12 font, double space, and write 2 pages.

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