For this paper, we ask that you interview someone (one person is fine) about their favorite popular music. We encourage you to consider someone who enjoys a genre of music you do not like or are at least not familiar with.

Some useful interview questions might include: When did you first hear this music? How and why do you find this music appealing? When, and in what contexts do you listen to this music? How do you take part in this music-culture (an integrated soundscape including human behaviors and values)? While these questions are good places to start, you are expected to come up with questions of your own as well. Potential points of discussion include friendship, family, love, ethnicity, school, work, authority, religion, growing up, etc. Try to avoid being judgmental about your interviewee’s music. Even if it is not a style that you like, try to hear it from their perspective.

Next, formulate a statement that emphasizes the perspectives of your interviewee in relation to the significance of that music for them. For example, your interviewee will enjoy a kind of music because of certain related ideas, and/or personal experiences or opinions. Sometimes, it is helpful to capture these ideas and experiences under one conceptual word, like “nostalgia” or “youthfulness” or “nationality.” Ultimately, the main statement that you will write about for this paper will center on this concept in relation to how your interviewee chose to discuss that popular music. Your paper may deal with any aspect of the music or music scene but it should conceptualize the interviewee’s comments in some way that is related to social and cultural issues.

After you have completed your interview(s) and have a concept in mind that ideally came up in the interview, supplement your analysis with secondary/library sources. You are required to reference at least one academic source (peer-reviewed book or journal) and at least two non-academic or journalistic sources (like newspapers, Rolling Stone or Billboard magazines).

Make sure to give your paper a sensible title, keep your writing focused, support yourself with examples, and communicate your ideas clearly and effectively. Writing essentials such as spelling, grammar, organization and style are of utmost importance.

1200 words (not including block quotes or “References Cited/Bibliography”), double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman, 1-inch margins on all sides,

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