most formidable challenges faced while in a leadership role

discussion statement 8

There are three parts to this Discussion Statement.

In Part One, describe one of the most formidable challenges you have ever faced while in a leadership role. Go into a detailed description of the context: Who were the people involved? (As usual, no need to use real names.) What were their roles in creating the challenging situation? What was your role in creating it? What was the organizational history leading up to this challenge? At the end of Part One, describe a few options that were available to you to deal with the challenging situation.

In Part Two, tell us what you did, and why. Then tell us what happened after you did it. What did it lead to in the organization?

In Part Three, with references to the readings in this course, tell us what, now, you would do in a similar situation. (It can be different from or the same as what you did back then; either way, share the theory from the readings that helps explain what you feel your best course of action would be.)

do it in 2 pages. APA style.

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