Michele Mucci-deming

Question descriptionMichele Mucci-deming was known as social worker. She had her master degree in social work in 1975. However, she had started working in the field before she got her degree. In 1967, she started working as a supervisor in child care which was place for kids who their parents were judged by the court to be separated from their kids. When she got her degree, she worked at the same place as social worker. In 2010, She get retired.

During Ms. Mucci-deming practice, she didn’t believe in one theory. Actually, she tried to take from each theory what she thought was effective. She enhanced children’s positive behaviors by reward them. On the other hand, she discussed with children who had negative behaviors and sometimes punished them if they acted up in order to decrease their bad behaviors. Ms. Mucci-deming thinks when kids are encouraged for their correct behaviors and get punished because of wrong behaviors, they will learn faster and better than teach them manners in school which is basically describing Behaviorism theory. Even though she wasn’t a big fan of psychoanalytic theory, she understood the defense mechanism and applied it on her counseling session. Children feel unscored when they are apart from their family, so they deny their real feelings and what really is happening at their home, and lie to get back home. Furthermore, Ms. Mucci-deming found sociocultural theory one of the effective theories in field of counseling. Children don’t learn just by their behaviors, but also their environment has massive impact on their development process. Family, school, and society lead kids to believe or think in certain way which is acceptable by their environment. Additionally, child may cry at school or home because his environment is full of problems, not because he has problem. Ms. Mucci-deming has found reflection on children’s behavior because of disagreement or argument at home which was her job to find a way to help those families. Therefore, in order to treat the child, you have to treat family members. Anyway, she suggested that a successful social worker will take advantage of all the theories and use many different techniques and practice to benefit his/her clients.

Ms. Mucci-deming is a mother of three children. First of all, when I asked her about how she raised her children, she said ” by modeling, you model the good behavior, so if my husband and I were having a fight, I would show them the way to argue. I would say for example, I would not leave and slam the door. If you wanna help a child, that’s not the way to handle an argument. You don’t leave and slam the door! You don’t break things! I would say alright Vint “her husband’s name” we have to sit and talk about it, but now it’s not a good time because I’m all worked up”. Therefore, children will understand how to deal with their feelings and respect others as well because they have seen their parents did that too. Second, Ms. Mucci-deming believes when a child act up or fight with others, parents should not blame him/her. parents should understand the reasons behind this behavior and try fixing it because blame doesn’t fix the problems itself. As Froude believed, children who have pressed feelings may have mental problems when they get older, she helped her kids to express their feelings when they behave wrongly instead of punish or blame them.

Ms. Mucci-demin had created her own approach of treating her children and her young clients which was taking advantage of helpful ideas of variety of theories. She had great outcomes in her life in both sides, her children and her clients.

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