Measure the direction of change in one variable as the other variable increases or decreases.

During this course we have focused on the relationship of one variable with another. Next week, we will measure the direction of change in one variable as the other variable increases or decreases. For Example: We might speculate that the use of health services increases as the diagnostic condition becomes more complex or severe. In this situation, the focus is on the association of health services versus diagnostic condition.

You are to present an example of relationships in statistical data analyses. This is an essential practice in many forms of management. Then respond to 2 classmates’ examples interpreting their relationship between two variables in your own life.

Example: Post – Suppose that an administrator of a long-term care facility is interested in the association between total costs and the volume of care, measured by the number of bed days of service provided during each month of the past year……. you then respond that you can see how when a finite resource is used, exceptions have to be made in your work and then give an example.

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