Mayan Culture

At the very least, this should be half a page long. In here you will introduce the culture you are studying. Also explain the population
you will study: Your population
can be of a specific age group, gender,
or behavior (people who are fans of a certain type of music or people who act in “Off Broadway”plays for example). Your population
can also be general, such as people of all ages who come from a certain geographic location. Your sample
will just be a number: How many people will you interview and how many surveys will you distribute? (See the methods section for an idea of what
your sample should be.)
At the end of your introduction, list your two hypotheses that are the two “educated guesses” that you are trying to prove or disprove. So the entire point of this paper is to either prove whether your hypotheses seem valid or not. Each hypothesis can be one or two sentences long.

-Literature Review
Choose at least three authors or theories listed in your textbook or from other sources, and describe your topic using those three theories. This section should be at least one and a half to two pages

Describe the methods you will use to conduct research on the culture you chose.
How will you do your research? I have listed some methods you can use in the presentation called “Field Research Guidelines.” Surveys can be kept short, at around four to six questions. Please note that for this
project, you have a choice of what
sample you will study:
Conduct two interviews and distribute 20 surveys or Conduct four longer interviews if you do not want to distribute a survey
This section should be at least half a page long.

Here you will list the information you have found in the following formats:
– Excerpts of your interviews in either bullet point format or in a large table
– Charts that list the results of your surveys (for example, a pie chart of how many people answered yes versus how many answered
no to a question)
– Any additional chart that you came across during your research (for this you obviously must cite
your source on the page and list it in the end in the References section) Keep this section organized and well presented. Before adding each of the things mentioned above,
add a brief description of what your reader is looking at. For example, before a chart you can write something like “The following chart shows the increase of…” The length of this section is up to you, as it will depend on how large you chose to make your
graphs and charts.

Here you will describe the results that you have listed in the previous Findings section. For example, if you listed a chart that represents an increase of people listening to a certain type of music over the past ten years in your Findings section, here you will explain the reasons behind
that increase. (For example, did new forms of media such as Youtube increase the visibility or the popularity of a trend in music? Does the music represent a political message in a certain country? Was there a single recording artist who made a certain type of music popular?)
In this section you will also briefly recall the three theories of your Literature Review
section. At the end of the Discussion
section, who will say whether or not you think your two hypotheses were proven by your research. By the way, it’s fine if you say that one of your hypotheses appears
“wrong” or better yet that your research did not prove that it was valid.
This section should be at least two and a half pages long.

Review the presentation called “Field Research Guidelines” to see what will go in this section. This section should be at least half a page long.

List all of the books, magazines, or websites that you have used for this research project.

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