Marketing Plan (3000words)

Task 3C Marketing Plan (3000words)

The student is required to use a Tourism or Hospitality enterprise that has just

started or one you start as the basis for this assessment. You will develop a Digital

marketing plan for the next three years for your Hospitality/Tourism company.

Your Digital Marketing Plan should include:

Executive Summary


· Digital contribution review using analytics customized to the business – What

is digital marketing contributing now?

· Current digital marketing capabilities – How will we improve our governance

of digital marketing?

· Digital or Multichannel SWOT – What are the key issues we need to manage?

· Defined SMART Goals, Objectives and KPIs – What will digital marketing

contribute in the next planning period.


· Vision for digital channels – What will digital marketing contribute in the


· Segmentation and Targeting – What existing and new targeting approaches

will we use to boost acquisition and retention?

· Value Proposition – How can we improve value delivered by our brand(s)?

· Budget for investment – What budget is needed to implement strategic digital



· Digital governance – The Digital Transformation plan to improve People,

Process, Tools and Metrics.

· Measurement and testing – What optimizations are planned to improve

efficiency and effectiveness?


· Introduction

· Situational Analysis

· Internal Environment (Resources & Capabilities)

· External Environment/Micro Analysis- (Suppliers, Customers, Competitors &


· External Environment/Micro Analysis- (PEST)

· SWOT Analysis

· Digital Marketing Strategies

· Target Market Strategy

· Position Strategy

· ​Social Media Strategy

· ​Digital marketing Mix​ (7P’s)

● Digital Metrics Evaluation (​E-servqual​/Webservqual)

Conclusion & Recommendations

· Summarise the main findings of the Digital Marketing Plan and identifies any

implications or recommendations arising from the discussion;

· Any relevant ​Appendices​ (e.g. charts, graphs, maps).

The report analysis should be based on research evidence rather than personal

opinion. You should use relevant material from the weekly topics as well as other

resources including a minimum of eight (8) academic journal articles, texts and

company/business sources to support your ideas.

Criteria used to grade this task

The criteria for the assessment task are:

· The quality and completeness of the response to the report requirements.

· Evidence of appropriate research and reading.

· Clarity of expression and quality of overall presentation.

· Understanding of digital marketing theory and processes

· Develop suitable digital marketing plan

· Research skills to find information needed

· Analysis of external and internal information

· Discussion and range of tools and theories used

· Referencing, spelling, grammar

Estimated Student Workload: ​18-20 hours

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