Managerial and Financial decisions

The combination of managerial and financial decisions is not an easy task. During this assignment you are going to investigate three actual companies. Each company should have made an error in its managerial decisions based on its financial analysis. You will cover the following topics …

1) A brief background on the company and products.

2) Explain in detail what was the wrong managerial decision made in the company. Who made it and based on what was the reasoning of making this decision?

3) What financial information did they use to make the managerial decision? Make sure you present some of the financial data in your analysis (not the entire financial statement but the actual numbers related to your analysis and to the decision).

4) Correct the managerial decision made by the company. What would you have done differently to make the decision correct? What data you would have changed to make the decision?

5) Suggest an improvement to the process of decision making you investigated to avoid future problems in the future.

Your submission must include the following …

  • All submissions must be in words document. Each case must be at least 3 pages long leading to a total of 9 pages (excluding the cover page, abstract, TOC, and reference).
  • Your submission must have at least 2-3 reference per case study.
  • The paper must be formatted in accordance to the APA format.
  • All submissions must be completed on Wednesday (Week 4) 02/01/2017 by end of day EST. There will be no extensions on this deadline.
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