Management Workbook- Organizational Charts

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Select one of the following situations to organization: a copy and print shop; a travel agency; a sports rental; or a bakery or other businesses you are interested in.

1. Write down the mission or purpose of the organization in a few sentences.

2. What are the specific tasks to be completed to accomplish the mission?

3. Based on the specifics in question 2, develop an organization chart. Please draw the organizational chart either using Microsoft Word or other appropriate applications. Each position in the chart will perform a specific task or is responsible for a certain outcome.

4. You are into your third year of operation, and your business has been very successful. You want to add a second location a few miles away. What issues will you face running the business at two locations? Draw an organization chart that includes the two business locations.

5. Five more years go by and the business has grown to five locations in two cities. How do you keep in touch with it all? What issues of control and coordination have arisen? Draw an up-to-date organization chart and explain your rationale for it.

6. Twenty years later you have 75 business locations in five states. What are the issues and problems that have to be dealt with through organizational structure? Draw an organization chart for this organization, indicating such factors as who is responsible for customer satisfaction, how you will know if customer needs are met, and how information will flow within the organization.

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