Management practice in an emerging market

MN6061 Business without Frontiers 2017-18 ASSESSMENT 2
The management consultancy project
Individual Report:
(50% of assessment weighting)
Due Date: WEEK 13 – (21 May before 15:00 pm via turnitin weblearn)
Produce an individual report (2,500 words) advising managers seeking to work in an emerging market on management practice in an international and cross-cultural context.
Decide which emerging market you will choose to construct your individual report – the country or market must be different from the one chosen for producing the poster. (You can’t research on same country you have chosen for Poster).
Construct your REPORT – structure as follows:
– Introduce the report by giving the reason for your choice of emerging market and the remit of this report addressed to managers (250 words)
– Focus your advice on management issues and practices typically encountered in the chosen emerging market. (e.g. HR, Strategy, Cultural issues, international business issues, living standard, CSR and ethical concerns. You can also consider weather, language widely spoken, religion, living cost and the managerial expertise needed in the country) (approx. 2000 words)
– Give a summary of what your research has shown and present a short list of your key points of advice (250 words)
Criteria (Details)
LO2: Develop competence and managerial skills needed to search, handle and interpret information relevant in the analysis of modern business organisations operating internationally.

LO5: Demonstrate ability to apply concepts, models and a range of analytical tools appropriately and strategically for managers operating in diverse environments

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