Management in creative and cultural organisation

Management in creative and cultural organisation…

the report should focus on the film industry………..

  • Analyze one creative or culture organization or industry in grater depth.
  • How does your chosen organization or industry address one of the key themes highlighted in the coursework


THEMS  (Question)

How has technological change influence the quality of creative products?




Executive Summary:

150 words on the finding the report


Summarizing the theme and organization or industry you have chosen and why the topic is important.

Main section:

  • Present the issue in the context if you chosen organization or industry and provide evidence of importance.
  • Industry or organization analysis and how the chosen issue is impacting them.
  • Analysis of the different strategic options available to the organization /in industry
  • Examination of the strategic option taken or recommend, which should be taken
  • Evaluation of the chosen strategy or lessons, which may be applied to other organizations or sectors.



Harvard style


Company or industry data such as tables……………………..

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