Machine learning supervised

In this final project, you are asked to work on one problem that needs to be solved using sophisticated data analytics and machine learning approach. The project should have the needed data file before you choose to work on the project.

You are required to submit the first three items for your final project as one zip file, and post the last one as a separate video file on Canvas:

  1. A report with detailed information about your project, including the following sections (10-15 pages excluding references and title page, single space, 12-point Times New Roman, use as many references as you need in APA format) [50]
    1. Introduction (Background, Motivation, Objectives etc.) [5]
    2. The description of the specific problem and the data [5]
    3. Methods for data analytics and machine learning (describing the approach and the justification for choosing this approach) [15]
    4. Evaluation methods for the obtained results [10]
    5. Results (summary of the findings) and discussion (unsolved issues, interesting findings, limitations of the study, comparison with prior studies) [10]
    6. Conclusion [5]
  2. Source code (.py files) and data used in the project [30]
    1. The source code should be able to run and generate the results described in the report.
    2. If the data file is big (> 10 MB) and downloadable from some links, please only provide the links in a file
    3. If the data file is big (> 10 MB) but not from a public source, you may let me know ahead of time and I can create a Box folder for you to upload the data to the folder.
  3. Powerpoint slides for project presentation (10 – 20 slides) [10]
    1. The structure is the same as the project report
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