"Low IQ increases the likelihood of criminal behaviour" Discuss.


1. Using psychoanalytic theory by Sigmund Freud, discuss the cause of alcoholism among students at Moi University.

2. Discuss four mechanisms through which mass media influences the behaviour of the youths.

3. Using clear and relevant examples, show how corruption can be explained by Lawrence Kohlberg”s theory of moral development.

4. Write notes on the following concepts:
a) Depression and crime
b) Mental disorder and crime
c) Differential Reinforcement and crime


5. Using empirical examples, identify and discuss the different personality disorders and show how they influence criminality.

6. Psychological explanations to criminal behaviour has led to major development in the formulation of policies for crime prevention and control. Using clear and relevant examples, discuss such developments as contributed by psychological theories of criminal behaviour.

7. a) “Low IQ increases the likelihood of criminal behaviour” Discuss.
b) Discuss three mechanisms through which social learning of techniques of committing crimes by the youths takes place.






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