Loss Due To Teenage Sexual Abuse

In order to achieve a successful project experience and outcome, you are expected to meet the following requirements.  A proposal in the format of a PowerPoint presentation for a 3 hour workshop.  The presentation will include a minimum of 20 slides, excluding cover slide, presentation abstract, presentation contents, and references.  The presentation will include opportunities for a question-and-answer panel or small group discussion, as transcript or talking notes and handouts.  A minimum of six academic journal or other academic references, which you are to use the one’s used as the annotated outline, which is already completed, I will down-load it for you. The presentation will include  opportunities for a question-and-answer panel or small group discussions.  You must include a minimum of four additional resources, such as books and Web sites,  Cite references using APA formatting.  Appropriate references for supporting research, citations, literature review. Witten communication that successfully conveys the message.  Here are the required elements: One slide containing the name of the organization hosting the conference. Also include: Conference theme: Describe the theme of the conference (for example, the theme for  National grief and Hope Coalition Convention in 2015 was “Coming Out of Darkness into Light”). One slide containing the program title.  An effective program title: should reflect the topic as related to grief and loss. Introduces the subject of the program, Captures the interest of the reader, Adheres to title restrictions of 10-12 words.  Provides a rationale. Identify how your proposal reflects the conference theme.  One slide containing the program abstract, including a brief description of your proposal that provides the reader with an accurate picture of what the presentation will cover (usually 60  words).  Outline of presentation topics to be covered: Provide an outline slide of your program. Include methods of audience involvement, Other resources to be used. Include any other supplements you will to use in your presentation (for example, handouts, discussions, and video presentations).  resources for the audience should provide at least five additional resources that audience members can use after the program (for example, helpful Web sites, books, etc. Include a summary of each resource. Also, include a conclusion.  Here is the overall project grading criteria: Learner expands upon and modifies the information in presentation proposal draft and explains rationale for elaborations and modifications, Learner explains how the information in the workshop will meet the workshop’s goals and incorporates specific examples to support explanation.  Learner describes how the program title reflects the conference theme and explains rationale for the program title.  the learner provides a rationale for the resources the audience members can use after the presentation. Here are the resources, the annotated outline, and the first overview of the Topic, which is Loss Due To Teenage Sexual Abuse, Please remember to use the same references, and you will need 5 more.


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