Local Area Networks and Management

. (15 points)

A. What is the difference between forwarding and routing?

B. What are the available switching techniques used by routers? Which one provides the fasting switching and why.

Q2. (15 points)

A. Assume that an application will generate chunks of 40 bytes of data every 20 msec, and each chunk gets encapsulated in a TCP segment and then an IP datagram. What percentage of each datagram will be overhead, and what percentage will be application data?

B. Now if the generated chunks are 80 bytes of data every 20 msec, what percentage will be overhead, and what percentage will be data?

Q3. (15 points)

How can packets get dropped (packet loss) when they arrive at the input ports of a router? How can this loss be eliminated?

Q4. (15 points)

Assume you have a wireless router at home that connects to your cable modem (DSL or 4G/5G connection to your ISP). Assume that your ISP dynamically assigns your connected device (the wireless wireless router) one IP address. If you have seven PCs at home that use WiFi to wirelessly connect to the router, answer the following:

· How are IP addresses assigned to the seven PCs?

· Does the wireless router use NAT? Why or why not?

Q5. (10 points)

True or false? Correct the false answers

a. VPNs ensure that the user data is encrypted by application encryption algorithms at the datalink and physical layers. (T / F)

b. IP datagrams are encapsulated inside TCP segments. (T / F)

c. It is not possible for packets to get lost at the output ports of routers. (T / F)

d. Monoalphabetic ciphers are one of the easiest to decrypt. (T / F)

e. Stateless Packet Filters track the status of every TCP connection.

(T / F)

Q6. (15 points)

Is it possible to “decrypt” a hash of a message (an encrypted message) to get the original message? Explain why or why not.

Q7. (15 points)

A. Using the following monoalphabetic cipher. Encode the message “this is the last tap in the online course”. Decode the message “vk jku bklw mjv lmiuc”

B. Explain the drawbacks of this encryption algorithm and how it can be made more secure.

Bonus (10 points)

Assume there are four routers between a source PC (PC1) and a destination PC (PC2). An IP datagram sent from PC1 to PC2 will travel over how many interfaces? How many forwarding tables will be indexed to move the datagram from the source to the destination?

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